Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Tile Roofs

Tile roofing services

A tile roof can be a great choice for the style of your home and the longevity of your roof. However, they have roof maintenance requirements just like any other type of roof. One essential part of a good maintenance routine is regular cleaning, and here’s everything you need to know about cleaning your tile roof.

What Equipment or Tools Do I Need?

When cleaning your tile roof, there are a few main issues that you need to deal with. Along with dirt and dust, there’s also moss, algae, and other growth to deal with. Moss can maintain a tight grip with its roots, so cleaning it off efficiently requires the right equipment.

In most cases, a pressure washer is the right choice for cleaning tile roofs. They can make quick work of moss and algae, which are the primary threats to your roof. You should also have the right high-traction boots to avoid slips, which is a serious risk to consider when cleaning any kind of roof.

Tips for Avoiding Damage

Of course, you don’t want to damage your tile roof while trying to clean it. Cracked tiles can allow moisture to enter your roof, leading to water damage, mold, and other issues. First, you should only step on points where tiles overlap. This lets your weight rest more directly on the roof, avoiding putting any leverage on individual tiles.

An excessively high-pressure setting can dislodge tiles, so that’s another thing to consider if you’re using a pressure washer. Maintaining your footing is essential to prevent any falls. Not only could you be seriously injured, but you’ll more than likely damage titles if you slip and fall on the roof.

Do I Need to Use a Chemical Cleaner?

There are many different approaches to cleaning your tile roof, and a chemical roof cleaner could provide some benefits. If you are considering using chemicals for more effective cleaning or to avoid using a pressure washer, be sure that you’re using the right kind. Don’t just use generic bleach or other harsh solutions but find a specific tile roof cleaning compound.

Chemicals can also play an important role in dealing with moss and algae growth. These can be difficult to remove, so pre-treating them with a chemical solution can soften them up and make cleaning easier. After you clean your tile roof, you can also consider compounds that prevent the future growth of moss or algae, saving you from going through the same thing next time.

Is It Safe to Do This on Your Own?

There is always a risk when homeowners choose to go up on their roofs themselves. While many homeowners are accomplished at carrying out all kinds of home repairs and maintenance, roof maintenance carries unique risks that are often better avoided. Tile roofs, in particular, are very slippery when wet, which means you’ll need to avoid stepping on any wet tiles.

At the very least, be sure to have another person with you in case something goes go wrong. To be as safe as possible, you should leave roof cleaning to trained professionals with the necessary experience and equipment to ensure that everyone stays safe on-site.

Professional Roof Maintenance Services

If you want the best for your roof, then you can count on the experienced roofers at Gone Coastal Roofing & Building. Our team of professional roofers can handle all of your roof maintenance needs, from cleaning to roof repairs and more. We work with all types of roofs, including tile roofs.

When your roof starts to look a bit shabby, or you find yourself dealing with moss or algae, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals. You can call us today or fill out our online contact form to get started.