Experts Weigh In: Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Winter

House in a winter

The days are getting shorter and colder and as a homeowner, it’s time to start getting ready for the winter months. There are several things you can do to avoid damages and structural issues that are common during the winter season. In this article, we will share some of the main points of focus to ensure that your roof stays in tip-top shape.

Inspect Your Flashing

Your flashing will have been installed by your roofer around roof edges that adjoin to walls or other angled pieces of the roof. Usually made of metals such as steel, aluminum, or copper, it will be found next to chimneys, window boxes, or anything else that might be raised above the level of your roof.

The function is to ensure that any rainfall is directed towards the gutter in places where shingles can’t be practically installed. The flashing aids the drainage of your roof which can help reduce rust and of course, internal leaks. If you notice any buildup, mild leaks, or rust then it’s time to have some roof maintenance carried out by a professional.

Cut or Trim the Surrounding Tree Branches

As storms become more frequent in the winter months, it’s important to check for surrounding trees that have loose branches. Flying debris from vegetation is a key cause of damage to homes during high winds. This inspection should be carried out once or twice a year, especially before the stormy season to help protect your home and that of your neighbors.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

Cleaning your roof and gutters are two important pieces of advice for any homeowner. Preventive cleaning of your gutters can help you avoid costly mold and vegetation removal in the long term thus saving you money and hassle down the road. If you don’t have the training and skills to clean your gutters nor have a second person to support your ladder, consider hiring a roofing company that offers gutter maintenance.

Notice Any Sagging Regions of the Roof

It’s important to check that your roof has a consistent height and that there aren’t any points where the roof dips or sags. The malformations can be signs of deterioration in the rafters of your roof. The timber, which holds up the structure may be desecrated through rot, water damage, or any number of other issues.

Not only are these discrepancies dangerous, but it is a clear sign that your home requires a roof repair or replacement. Sagging can usually be observed from the outside but if you have access to your attic, you should be able to inspect this from the inside of your home.

Check Your Chimney

Your chimney can be another common source of issues in your home’s integrity. Your chimney should be inspected at least biannually for problems and basic structural soundness. When using your chimney and lighting a fire, if smoke fills the room, there may be a blockage. A certified inspection can only be carried out by a professional with the correct tools and training.

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